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Its primary aim is to help in the understanding, develop, deployment and tracking of people and their skills. Benefits to the Organisation / Company (Mainly team leaders, managers, function owners or business owners) --- c.Well-implemented skills matrices should identify the skills that job roles require, the skills of individual employees, and any gap between the two. Benefits to the Customer / End-Client From a company perspective it is important to embed the production and continued use of the skills matrix into your core culture.All STCW safety training is completed in our dedicated survival pool complex, full fire training ground and lifeboat centre.We cover all sectors of the maritime industry from cruise ships, superyachts, ports and harbours to marine logistics and offshore wind farms.The courses are: January 2017, without the updated safety certificates, from this date Port State Control Officers may also wish to see the same documentary evidence about the up-dated status of any Officers certificates.Some parts of the updating training can be completed on-board a ship.A list of approved courses and providers can be found at uk and search “MCA ATP”.

NHS e Portfolios is used extensively within Medicine in the UK, Republic of Ireland, Iceland and Malta, as well as Pharmacy and Dentistry in Scotland.

This means that once the seafarer has gained these qualifications then there is no mandatory requirement to repeat the course.

December 2016 Deck Officers will need to have completed an MCA approved course.

My point is: forget your pre-conceived notions that online courses are too easy to be useful, and only for students in developing nations who can’t afford university costs.

They’re for everyone who want to genuinely better themselves in a challenging and stimulating way.

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