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NOTE ABOUT WINDOWS 10 Some users have posted saying that Microsoft Money 2005 doesn’t work with Windows 10 build 10240.It throws an error saying that “Money required Internet Explorer 6 to function properly. I spent a good chunk of this weekend trying to import all my accounts into Microsoft Money 2005.It looks like it uses Yodlee to synchronize accounts online, but more than half of my accounts require me to manually download transactions in “Active Statement” format, from each individual website.Ever since I switched to a Mac and Chromebook, I haven't found another one stop shop that takes care of all my needs.Right now, I am using Mint along with a Google spreadsheet that gives me my upcoming expenses, paychecks, etc. I did a little bit of digging around for a suitable app but only been finding apps similar to Mint - ones that pull info from all my accounts - or budgeting apps that have the level of granularity I'm looking for but needs manual entries which I'm already doing with my spreadsheet.

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Is there a work around where I just create a banking account that IS the cash account and transfer stuff in and out of there? Please note that answers regarding conversion of my old file (unless you are working for microsoft and can send me a super secrete repair tool) I have likely tried.-S Have you seen and tried the migration method spelled out in this article? I should have put on my decoder ring and polished up the ole crystal ball to know exactly what you meant by that.For some reason, only Capital One 360 Canada is listed under ‘Banks’.Capital One 360 is actually listed under ‘Investments’.I used the 16-bit Microsoft Money version 3.0 for Windows 3.1 for about seven years, until I upgraded to Windows XP in 2003.I then moved to Money 2004 and had all but given up hope that I could obtain the last localised UK edition (2005) until I discovered this afternoon that Microsoft now make it available for free download (see below for links).

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