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They are to be played with, turned inside out, made fun of, re-invented.

Charlotte is young and modern, not a hair out of place, superficial, cool; she reads fashion magazines - does she have the perfect bust?

German artist and filmmaker Julian Rosefeldt has collaborated with Blanchett to create something entirely unique and not easily described or classified.

The film is thought-provoking, visually arresting, and occasionally very self-important (appropriate, since a manifesto is a declaration of self-importance).

She played the lead in Memoirs of a Geisha with Gong Li (Li Gong) and Michelle Yeoh, alongside The Last Samuri's heartthrob leading man Ken Watanabe. Zhang was to play Mulan in a film directed by Jan de Bont, which, according to Wikipedia was supposed to wrap January 2011, but for which no release date was mentioned (I could not even find it on IMDB).

Abrams Michael Bay Peter Berg Kathryn Bigelow James Cameron John Carpenter Andrew Davis Brian de Palma William Friedkin George Lucas John Mc Tiernan Brett Ratner Ridley Scott Tony Scott Stephen Spielberg The Wachowskis John So beautiful yet so deadly. She was also devastating in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Hero, and House of Flying Daggers.

See full summary » Prologue: The murderer "Boss" Huller - after having spent ten years in prison - breaks his silence to tell the warden his story.

In a world where humanity faces the threat of the abyssal fleet which has taken over the seas, special human girls who don weaponized outfits and possess the spirit of historical naval vessels known as kanmusu Fubuki arrives at the naval base, where she meets other girls that she will eventually fight alongside.

Despite lacking adequate combat training, she is recommended into the Third Torpedo Squadron by the admiral, and quickly finds herself sortied into battle.

The most surprising thing is how funny "Manifesto" is, on occasion.

Your mileage may vary (humor is subjective, and all that).

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