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The safety of those using online dating is a primary concern across the industry.Your personal safety should be your top priority and you should always use caution and your best judgement when communicating with or meeting new people, both online and offline."Or worse yet, fakes may be escorts or scammers."Nearly 1 in 5 complaining reviews mentioned encountering phony descriptions and images that appeared to be planted there to get people to sign up, he said. Reviewers were also irked to to come across profiles that were really ads for escorts.Others, they complained, appeared to be set up to scam users.If your Valentine's Day seems a bit empty this year and you've decided to go online to find your next love interest, watch your step.An analysis of online dating site reviews shows there's much to be wary of -- and not just the risk of meeting a loser.

Look out for the ODA Member logo on dating sites as a demonstration of commitment to standards: Our FAQs provide answers to some of the common enquiries we receive. Here you will find out how to report a complaint to a dating site and the role of the ODA.

About 16 percent of those who complained about dating sites reported being surprised by charges.

One way that cropped up: A service would be free -- until users tried to respond to those who expressed interest in their profile.

And sometimes it pays off to keep yourself open to love.

Consumer Reports also found that OKCupid and Tinder are more popular among millennials, while Generation Xers and Baby Boomers are more likely to use a paid subscription-based dating website or app such as

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