Bisexual married men dating

Shortly before I married my husband, I finally left Christianity behind, for many reasons. I was finally able to think about who I really am and what I really believe without some old white guy telling me the 'right' answers and condemning me for any deviance. Part of this was learning that I'm not straight.

I realized that I was falling in love with one of my female friends (who is also bisexual).

I love men just as much as the next gay guy (or straight or bisexual woman).

I don't believe that two people have to be in love for them to have sex.

If two willing souls agree to it, it should be entirely up to them. As they started to come into my room, I noticed that each of them had a wedding ring on.

That was just a phase.'" "I'm a bi/pansexual woman married to a straight man. My parents never said that homosexuality was wrong, but they never really said it was OK either. But my church made it clear to me as a young person that it was only OK to be straight.

A recent national survey released by the CDC revealed that more Americans are identifying as bisexual than ever before.

Not only that, but more straight-identifying men are admitting to having tried gay sex.

Here’s what they had to say: Rob (not his real name) is 46-years-old.

He lives in San Jose, CA and has been married to his wife for 12 years.

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