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Ohno and fellow skater Rusty Smith had already earned slots on the six-man team due to points earned from earlier races.

In order for Davis to qualify, he had to place first in the final race—the 1000 m—by overcoming stronger skaters Ohno, Smith, and Ron Biondo.

Until recently myelin was considered an inert form of insulation for brain cells.

The resulting recording serves as a fine instructional guide for those searching for how to fulfill their dreams.

He was seated in the audience with his former celebrity partner, Heather Mills.

Coyle reveals the simple yet powerful mechanisms through which human beings acquire skill: the kinds of practice, motivation, and coaching that grow myelin the fastest.

Through visits to the world's best soccer players, bank robbers, violinists, fighter pilots, artists, and skateboarders, and to the labs where myelin is being investigated, this compelling and instructive book will transform the way we view talent and enable all of us to develop our full potential.

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