18 year old 30 year old dating

Everyone thought we were the same age because she looked young.

If I were to date someone 19 now, I would have the same reservations as you.

But the heart-throb’s fan club has been plunged into depression once again by news he was embroiled with another 32-year-old, the married radio presenter Lucy Horobin, when he was just 17. He was 18, blond, French, pretty as a picture; I was 30 and quite old enough to know that what happens on holiday, stays on holiday. In fact, quite the reverse; Philippe came after me. I was, at the time, a divorced mother of a six-year-old daughter who rather liked him — as well she might; they were both, after all, children.

I supported my daughter by freelance writing and a bit of radio work, which I think looked glamorous to young Philippe.

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